Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mucha Do About Nothing

OK, that was kind of silly. But it’s a silly day. Here’s a project I just finished test-knitting. It’s a lovely little Art Nouveau scarf and…well…sign me up.  It’s called Ivy and was designed by Mara Loog. The pattern will be available in mid-July. I’ll try to scoot back and provide a link when it’s available.

I was assigned the laceweight version and ended up using Knitpicks Shadow in Juniper. Hence my project name (which I’m sure is botanically incorrect, but it sounded pretty) Juniper Ivy. I’m nothing if not creative in the naming department.

Juniper Ivy Garden

Juniper Ivy Beaded Edge

Juniper Ivy Dayflower


Juniper Ivy Cast of Characters

Here’s me not figuring out how to get pictures to appear where I want them. But at least, they’re visible, right? I gotta grab all the positive I can.

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