Friday, March 18, 2011

Marilyn and Lester…together again

I belong to an internet forum (don’t we all) where I met Lester and Marilyn (not their real names). I didn’t actually meet them, of course, but they were frequent and much-loved contributors. Lester had to be 80-ish, and Marilyn probably clocked in around mid-60’s? Close enough. Lester was there first. He was intelligent, well-read, very down-to-earth, blessed with common sense and wisdom, had a well-honed sense of humor, and was like a father/grandfather to us. And he loved Marilyn with all of his heart and soul.

He had a way of cutting to the heart of the matter when there was a kerfluffle on the forum. His wise words were always delivered with kind directness. He was refreshing and wonderful and made us all want to be a little better.

A year or two ago, he suffered a stroke while picking a tomato out of his garden and died shortly thereafter. We were all heart-broken, although none so much as his beloved wife, Marilyn.

Marilyn, who had not participated in the forum much prior to his passing, came to spend more and more time there among those who loved Lester. It was easy to see why they worked so well together, even though their history was in interesting one. We all grew to love her, and were especially glad that that voice of wisdom and common sense was still there among us.

She became ill over the past few weeks, and her family has let us know that she is in organ failure and is dying. She may, in fact, have already passed as of this writing.

While we are all terribly sad and will miss her, the first thing we all thought of was that she would be with Lester again. I know that the term soul-mates is incredibly cliche, but these two people were obviously meant to be together. The universe threw them together via some pretty convoluted means, but it was clear that it was supposed to happen. To a person, regardless of our views of the afterlife, there was a sad joy in our community with the absolute knowledge that they are where they belong—with each other.

God speed, Marilyn. And say howdy to Lester. :)

Friday, March 11, 2011

Lingering in another girl’s paradise

My best friend and I used to have this coping mechanism whereby we would imagine what our alternate universe counterparts would be doing in their world on a given day when we were experiencing …uh…teh suck in ours. There were plenty of alternate universe spa visits, let me tell you. While massages and pedicures don’t actually fix anything, they are certainly a more positive (if expensive) way to escape reality than, say, heroin. Of course, for po’ folks, pedicures and massages only exist in our imaginations.  But it’s what we had.

Today, my alternate universe counterpart is having a 2 hour massage, complete with hot stone treatment, and a pedicure that’s heavy on the foot massage and light on the polish.

I’m having a bad week and a worse day. I’m overwhelmed, and I’m struggling. It happens. I just needed to clear my head a bit.

But my family is happy and healthy. Sometimes one needs to step back and focus on that.

My whine for the day was brought to you by a picture of…

Brett Knitting


Raymond Knitting

…because it makes me a little happier. :)


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