Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Lady of leisure

BAHAHAHA! I had another post ready to publish, in which I told the sorry story of the last nine months of my life, but I’m pretty sure no one wants to hear it. Happy thoughts! Jazz hands! Or something. ;)

Short story is that my family is healthy and well and happy. And that’s what really counts, right?

So I’ve done some knitting, and I have a backlog to publish. We’ll start with the ubiquitous Annis. I knit it for my aunt’s 65th birthday. She was barely a teenager when I was born, so growing up, she was more like a big sister. She had a rough year last year with some health issues and the unexpected passing of my beloved uncle who was her best friend forever. They were so cute, and he is missed. Every stitch had a memory in it—the sleepovers at her house, the movie dates at the drive-in, the “big girl” talks. Her favorite color is light green. She lives in the south now, and I didn’t want to make anything too heavy. This turned out just perfect. :)
Annis Tall Close
It was an easy knit, and I will definitely make one someday just for me. This looks really yellow, but it wasn’t. It was a nice grasshopper green with tiny green beads in place of the nupps.
Annis Full (10)
Check out the link above to my Ravelry project for more details about the technical aspects, like the crocheted cast-on, which has become my go-to cast-on for lace-edged crescent shawls. Do you think I could fit any more hypenated words in that paragraph? ;)
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