Friday, March 11, 2011

Lingering in another girl’s paradise

My best friend and I used to have this coping mechanism whereby we would imagine what our alternate universe counterparts would be doing in their world on a given day when we were experiencing …uh…teh suck in ours. There were plenty of alternate universe spa visits, let me tell you. While massages and pedicures don’t actually fix anything, they are certainly a more positive (if expensive) way to escape reality than, say, heroin. Of course, for po’ folks, pedicures and massages only exist in our imaginations.  But it’s what we had.

Today, my alternate universe counterpart is having a 2 hour massage, complete with hot stone treatment, and a pedicure that’s heavy on the foot massage and light on the polish.

I’m having a bad week and a worse day. I’m overwhelmed, and I’m struggling. It happens. I just needed to clear my head a bit.

But my family is happy and healthy. Sometimes one needs to step back and focus on that.

My whine for the day was brought to you by a picture of…

Brett Knitting


Raymond Knitting

…because it makes me a little happier. :)


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